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Search for the workers you need by filtering through specific job titles, job preferences, qualifications or cards that are needed for your live vacancies. You can now easily find the candidates who are immediately available and want you to call them regarding new job opportunities. You will now be able to fill vacancies quicker with the most suitable candidates.  

How does it all work?

WorkTool is a live database made from candidates in the construction, industrial and warehouse sectors. It is the only real-time database in the UK which allows recruiters to see each candidate’s current working status. In just a few simple steps, candidates can create a highly detailed profile, which allows recruiters to see their job preferences, qualifications and CV’s. By using our unique traffic light system, you can now see who is immediately available, interested in new opportunities and unavailable for work.

Candidates can change their status via their mobile device, which instantly syncs with the WorkTool database. So now you can fill your job vacancies much quicker and easier because when you search for candidates, you can immediately see the people who want to receive your job opportunities.

For those Looking for staff
  • Real-Time Live Database – When you search for candidates, you can now instantly see which candidates are immediately available, interested in new opportunities or unavailable for work. Filling job vacancies has never been so easy.
  • Job Specific Searches – You can search for candidates who have job preferences within their qualified trade or job title. For example, if you are searching for an electrician, you can then filter your search to find workers who would prefer to carry out commercial work or domestic work.
  • Access CV’s – You can access candidates CV’s as well search for candidates with a specific qualification or card.
  • Create Shortlists – You can simply add your favourite workers to their own ‘Shortlist’ to help you find the candidates you want more easily.
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This new way of working saves the workers the hassle of calling multiple agencies, going through the same long registration process and sending over personal information over and over again. All you have to do is set up 1 profile and the agencies can then see whether you are looking for work or not.

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All that potential work seekers have to do is go through 7 simple steps to create a profile. Literally just by highlighting the type of work you are looking for and highlighting your relevant qualifications, you can set up a profile in less than 10 minutes. It could not be easier. This can be done via an app or website, which means you can set up your profile whilst on the go.

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