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At WorkTool we believe in making the process of finding work in the construction, warehouse and industrial sectors as easy as possible. In just a few simple steps, you can create a highly detailed profile which allows recruiters to see the specific job opportunities you are looking for. You can also add your CV and any other cards or qualifications you have acquired, as well as the distance you are willing to travel for work.

Once your profile is complete you can then set your availability through our unique traffic light system. This gives you control of when you are visible to recruiters. Recruiters will only be able to access your contact details when you are available or interested in new job opportunities in your area. This can be done on your mobile device via the app or by logging on to the website.

As you are in control of your own profile, you can easily alter details such as contact numbers or an address and they will immediately sync with the WorkTool database. This allows recruiters to access your most up to date information when you are available for work.

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